Discussion 1: What the Workplace Means to You

Every workplace environment is different. As an I/O psychologist, you may find yourself working in various environments, whether as an external consultant in a large corporation, in a human resources department for a corporation, or conducting research on employee attitudes and behaviors as they relate to organizational performance for an international insurance organization. The workplace environment has a significant influence on your interactions with clients, employees, and team members, as well as your approach to the job. There are many factors that comprise the workplace, and each I/O psychologist pays attention to and engages with each factor differently. Therefore, the definition of “the workplace” can vary. For this Discussion, you introduce yourself to your colleagues and explore different types of workplace environments.
To prepare:

Review this week’s Learning Resources.
Think about different types of workplaces and the factors that comprise them.
Consider a personal definition of “the workplace.”

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Discussion 1: What the Workplace Means to You
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Post by Day 3 a brief introduction of yourself and your background as an I/O psychologist. Your introduction may include how you became interested in this field, the experiences that you have gained related to I/O psychology, and what you hope to develop from this program. Then, explain your definition of a workplace. What factors contribute to your definition?


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