Please respond to one of the following prompts, as well as to a response/reaction post of at least one other student. Each of your posts must be a minimum of one paragraph in length and follow the stated Discussion Board guidelines in the syllabus. Creative and original thinking are always appreciated, as is going outside of the required reading to find information pertaining to your posts.  The intent of the discussion board prompt/post exercise is to stimulate critical thinking and intellectual discourse. There are three threads already established, one for each prompt.  Students cannot create their own threads. To respond to a prompt, simply click the appropriate thread. To respond to a student’s post, just click ‘Reply’

1. Discuss the reasons why so many different tribal cultures developed in North America. Consider both the existence of small villages and major city complexes.

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2. Spanish explorations in America provided wealth to the Spanish crown and Spanish investors. What impact did Spanish actions have on native peoples?

3. What methods do scholars use to gain information about prehistoric America? Are there advantages and disadvantages to relying on any one of these sources?


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