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Signature Assignment: Digital Presentation: 
The Integrated Classroom and the Role of the Educator
Prepare a webpage covering content on the integrated classroom and the role of the educator. Your content should draw from knowledge you have acquired throughout this course, and focus on the role of social learning in the context of professional development and training. 
Visit the Technology Resource Library on the College of Education Resources page. 
1. Click Web Tools.
2. Click Collaboration and Productivity. 
3. Select WordPress to create a web page to organize and present your information.
Discuss the importance of creating a social learning environment within an organization. Analyze and demonstrate an effective strategy for creating a social learning environment within an organization using social media tools. 
Consider the following content as you create your webpage. You may reuse and adapt content and reflection from previous assignments in this course.
· Social Learning:
o What is the effect of social learning within an organization? How might a social learning component train employees and change the culture within an organization?
o How might social learning affect the role of the trainer within an organization?
o How should employee accountability and online reputations be addressed? What ground rules should be in place before launching a social learning platform?
· Benefits and Improvements:
o How might interpersonal relationships and productivity improve within an organization because of an integrated approach to training and professional development?
o What are some benefits of creating a social learning environment within an organization? What are some challenges?
o How will your strategy for creating a social learning environment as part of the overall training and development offerings improve knowledge and relationships within the organization?
Address the following in your presentation:
· Highlight a feature of that platform and explain how you would use that feature in your own organization.
· Include the content listed above.
Cite peer-reviewed sources as necessary and reference them at the end of the presentation.
Format your presentation according to APA guidelines.

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