Dialectic Insight

Instead of a peer review in this unit you will post your very best of the 3 arguments from the “Short and Irrefutable” to this discussion.  That should be easy since you’ve already completed that but now….
1) You will chose one of your peers with whom you agree -even better one who has argued the same side of the same topic you posted – and then counter their argument with another short & irrefutable argument opposing their view.  This should be fully developed with citations.  If you cannot find someone with the same view as your post, you can simply choose an argument that you otherwise agree with to do this exercise.
This part may be difficult if everyone agrees with your side of all these issues, but being able to argue both sides of an issue is a useful talent and often leads to the classic dialectic insight.   The Dialectic (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. is typically a dialog between two individuals with opposing views that traces a progression of the reasoning that ideally leads to the truth, or at least to the end of the evidence and logic. Many philosophers including Plato wrote their logic in the form or a dialog between two people when in fact is just their own exploration of both sides of an issue.
2)  After you post your opposition comment you will make a second comment with a short description of what insight you gained from considering both sides and how the dialectic worked out in this case.  Feel free to comment on one another students attempt and see how this often frustrating assignment can lead to some insight. 
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Dialectic Insight
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