Definition Essay Persuasive Essay

The dictionary defines risk as “a situation involving exposure to danger”. From experiences when speaking with others; particularly those in their forties and above, many tell me that if they were able to go back and change one thing they’d have taken more risks. Risks aren’t easy to take. Advances in brain imaging technology now show that t humans are wired to avoid risk. That is to say that people find it easier to accept the status quo, keep our mouths shut and our heads down rather than take a chance make a change, ND speak up.
Daniel Keenan wrote in Thinking Fast and Slow, ” when assessing risk, potential losses tend to loom larger than potential gains” Therefore effectively hindering a person’s d session on whether or not to take that risk. Risks have their benefits and consequences. Although its true that risks can lead to serious consequences in most cases the potential gains outweigh the losses. Personally believe in the saying “no venture, no gain. ” Only when we take the risks, do we realize our full potential.
This saying speaks true to me in that as a young child remember being dead holy scared of swimming. Knowing that one day I still tried and learned how to swim and I’ve been swimming ever since, swimming was a risk that I took knowing that I could drown, but ye t if I never took that risk I would have never realized how it could be. Risks must be weighted, or in other words the risks being taken must be “cal elated risks”. Only a fool would try to fly an airplane without any rudimentary training and consciousness of the dangers involved.

Flying an airplane is a extremely risky endeavor . But if they were to fly they have to be brave enough to take risks of knowing the co uniqueness of that act.. In a similar situation Jon Krause writes about the life and adventures of a young man by the name of Christopher Mishandles in his book Into the Wild. In the book Kerr Quaker follows Chris as he journeys into the Alaskan wilderness to live life of solitude but is h peepholes unprepared.
As he heads into the wild a man offers him a ride and notices ho w liquefied he was for his journey and offers him supplies but Chris turns his offer down. Chi iris is then found dead later that year in a bus he used for shelter. To conclude risks do have their faults but in most cases the benefits outweigh those consequences, and a person would lose more opportunities in the long run if they were to take no risks rather than take calculated risks and lose some.

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Definition Essay Persuasive Essay
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