Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving Defensive driving is a method of driving I utilise which helps me to anticipate the actions of others in order to maintain safety for myself and vehicle plus my passengers in any road and weather conditions. I pay extra attention to my speed, judging gaps and distances, pulling off and braking, reversing and manoeuvring and tiredness/fatigue. By constantly looking and anticipating as far ahead as I can see, I can be prepared for potential hazards and associated risks before I get there.
Observing what vehicles on either side or oncoming are doing and making constant use of my rear view mirrors further assists me in being a safe driver. Being aware of my vehicles’ characteristics, instruments and safety features are important factors. Knowing any blind spots on my vehicle and its dimensions are especially useful when reversing and manoeuvring. I am constantly aware of all that is happening around me, for example, when reversing I check for any potential hazards around and behind the vehicle before I move.
Other vital factors are early and timely use of indicators, hazard warning lights, vehicle lights, hand signals and correct use of the horn in an emergency, as is regular maintenance and servicing. Smooth, careful acceleration and braking is important for safety and also good for the environment too. Examples of this are reduced fuel consumption, creating less pollution and prolonging the efficient working life of my vehicle.

Stress and fatigue levels are also greatly reduced and, as adopting this driving policy inevitably reduces the chances of having an accident, my insurance premiums are keenly priced. Utilising all these methods and instruments correctly ensures a much higher degree of safety for me, my vehicle, my passengers, other road users, pedestrians and animals. In my opinion, I am a safe driver M. G. Spivey 17th May 2010

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Defensive Driving
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