The U.S. criminal justice system has been forced to deal with increased demands for less governmental social control and an inability to continue to finance the punishments enacted over the last 40 years. The interesting criminal justice paradox is that conservatives who argue for less governmental oversight of the private sector seek greater levels of control for those who they deem have violated the social trust and committed any one of the eight index offenses. Liberals argue for the reverse. Perhaps no other issues strike more emotion than the implementation of the death penalty and gun control.
For this Discussion, you will examine the issues of both capital punishment and gun control in the United States. The Instructor will split the class into two groups.
Post by Day 3: Group A will debate capital punishment. Group B will debate gun control.
Group A: Explain whether the perception of the death penalty is changing. Support your argument.
Group B: Explain whether or not gun control is actually possible. Support your argument.
Respond by Day 5: You must engage in the online group discussion a minimum of three times, which includes a response to two of your colleagues.
Please keep the discussion civil!
Arguments should be based in factual research.

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