Data Science and Big Data Analytics

Question 1:  
Review the article (linked below) about data fallacies and how to avoid them.
Describe one data fallacy. Explain your vision on avoidance as it pertains to a specific scenario (real or imagined).
When interacting with your peers discuss pros, cons, and recommended approaches as well

Question 2:
Review this week’s lecture, the text, and previous discussions and materials relative to text analysis.
Provide a short example from a recent social media post (no older than one week), that contains customer comments relative to an electronic product of your choice.
             a. Contents of the post and your description of the post (product review, complaint, etc.)
             b. Customer’s apparent emotional state (happy, angry, etc.)
             c. Three issues with the reliability of the information expressed in the post and three examples from the perspective of text analysis management of how to mitigate the risk of poor reliability through search, management, and understanding.

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Data Science and Big Data Analytics
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