Dakota Territory and Tool Box Enhancing

The only thing that’s holding them back is the right group Of people. “Okay. So w?al need a scientist or two in case conditions are too harsh, too hot, or too dangerous. We need a strong body builder in case there really is life on Venus. We should bring some friends too so they can experience this incredible opportunity. And last but not least, the person who is willing to stay back, in case we… -Dakota gulped. Never come back… They will come looking for us. Dakota says sternly and seriously.
Duke brings back his pro wrestler friend, Jack, who is willing to tag along. Dakota calls her old science teacher, Mr.. Seemlier and explains everything. He brings two more scientists because of how ecstatic they are to do this. Jake, Kelly and Viper are down to go as well. “Now are you guys still on board? Says duke. The whole gang simultaneously says yes and nods their heads. “Now. We need supplies. Jack, you get the cameras, video tapes, audio recorders, everything. ” ” Mr.. Seemlier, you and your scientists will get the dried astronaut food.
Two weeks’ worth. ” “Jake, Kelly, Viper. You guys will need to bring gallons of water, first aid supplies, and anything else you may need. ” “Duke and I will handle the pillows, blankets and clothes. We will also make sure our space craft is ready for takeoff. ” “Wait! Who’s guan be the person to stay back in case something happens? ” says Duke. “Crap I forgot! Molly will! Know she will. I’ll call her. ” Dakota repels. “So we all meet here. Tomorrow. With all supplies. No later than sunset.

We don’t want it to be too hot. ” 1 . The words highlighted in blue are the sentences that use the repetition of words. The words highlighted in yellow are the short phrases separated by commas. The words highlighted in purple are the short sentences to provoke a fast paced tone. 2. Used dialogue to show that they like each other a lot and to show how serious they were about this conspiracy. I feel I choose appropriate words for the situation such as “l was born ready. ” And “Now are you guys still on board? ”

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Dakota Territory and Tool Box Enhancing
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