current event

Students are expected to keep a journal on current issues related to criminal justice.
 Each student will be required to compile a journal of their readings on current events (nothing over 6 months old) in the criminal justice field from a reputable news source (ex. CNN.COM, the New York Times- not TMZ or The Star).  The journal will include the original article and a student summary of the article on its applications to class material. Students must have a minimum of 5 entries by the final due date.  DO NOT simply rehash or summarize the article. Students must think about the event that is described and use that as a springboard for intelligent commentary.      Students must submit the original article along with his/her summary.  Each summary should be at least one page in length.                                                     
The summary needs to include the following:

Summary of the article;
Do you agree or disagree with the article? Why or why not? (without using the words “I think”);
Discuss what effect the issue(s) may have on the Criminal Justice System or Society;
Apply something that you learned in the readings or in discussions to the article.

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current event
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The journal is worth 50 points. Journals will be evaluated using the following criteria:

Understanding: do the entries adequately summarize the article and show an understanding and comprehension of the material?
Relevance: do the entries engage the article, assigned readings and class discussion by connecting it to your own knowledge, concerns, and experiences?
Presentation: clearly and logically organized; required length; adequate footnotes/endnotes and bibliography  
Summation—clear, complete discussion of the key concepts presented in the article;
Format—neatness; use of correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and prescribed layout and length.


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