Culture and Environment Analysis

As a teacher you will have many students and they will all come with a different story.  Environmental factors and health care will look different in each one of the students.  It is very important to identify and address the diverse needs without stereotyping the child. 
Part 1: Class Profile Analysis
Analyze the “Class Profile,” paying specific attention to environmental and cultural factors related to the following areas:

Parental involvement
Socioeconomic status
English language learners
Medical issues

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Culture and Environment Analysis
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In 500-750 words, summarize the strengths and needs of the class in relation to the above factors and share how this data will guide you in your lesson planning and communication and collaboration with families.
Part 2: Lesson Plan Adaptation
Analyze the “Healthy Living Lesson Plan” and consider how you could differentiate the lesson activity based on the needs and strengths of the class depicted in the “Class Profile.” Complete the “Healthy Living Lesson Plan” by including differentiation for the following groups of students:

English language learners
Students with special needs
Students with gifted abilities
Specific needs depicted in the “Class Profile”

Below the “Healthy Living Lesson Plan,” describe in 250-500 words how you would differentiate the lesson activity for typical and atypical development and explain your reasoning.
Submit your analysis and lesson plan adaption as one submission.


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