Confucianism In a Nut Shell

Confucianism does not have any particular belief(s) about after life. It only focuses on the earthly life, and specifically puts emphasis on cleaving Harmony. In fact, followers of Confucianism ultimate goal Is social harmony; meaning, they must know their place in the social order. In finding this (their place in the social order), they are guided by the 1) Five cardinal relations a.
Ruler and subject b. Father and son c. Cubans and wife d. Elder and younger brother e. Friend to friend; and their 2) Five virtues a. Rene or humaneness; the quality of compassion for others, (may include both people and animals). Key concepts of Rene are love, mercy, and humanity. B. Yell or honesty and righteousness. C. Lie or propriety and correct behavior. D. Chi or wisdom or knowledge. E. Sin or fidelity and sincerity. [2 & 3] Also, Confucianism greatly believes that the center of everything is their family, and that it comes before the individual person.
They do not necessarily ignore the Seibel existence of gods; it is Just that in their system, a divine being does not have any significant role in their lives. Its philosophy is man centered and relies in self- effort (In terms of Improving oneself or solving everyday problems. ) As Confucius stated, “To devote oneself earnestly to one’s duty to humanity, and while respecting the splats, to keep aloof from them, may be called wisdom.

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Confucianism In a Nut Shell
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