Complete the Programming of an Object-Oriented Console Application

Assessment Instructions
In this assessment, you will complete the programming of two Java class methods in a console application that registers students for courses in a term of study. The application is written using the object-oriented features of the Java programming language. The application does compile and does run, but it does not produce the expected result as stated in its requirements.
Your program output should look like the sample output provided in the “Complete the Programming of an Object-Oriented Console Application Instructions” course file resource. Full instructions for successfully completing this assessment are included in this resource. Use the submission template (WeekXSolutionSubmissionTemplate.docx).
Your assessment will be scored on the following criteria:

Design a program that meets object-oriented design requirements.
Code an application that exercises object orientation.
Test the application and document that testing.
Explain the approach taken to develop the application and the major decisions made.
Identify relevant fundamental constructs in a submitted program.

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Complete the Programming of an Object-Oriented Console Application
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