Com reflection paper

I have had few classes in the past that gave me an overview of how to research and find creditable sources. In this class I learned not only how to research but also how to use my research in my academic paper. It was interesting to find more sources to use within the University of Phoenix Library. This course showed me a closer look at how I can use different sources to find creditable articles.
This course gave me efferent way to keep track of what I want to use in my paper. One of which is the annotated bibliography. Annotated Bibliography help me understand exactly how I wanted to do my essay and which part of my resource I wanted to use in my essay. This course helped us develop our skills more further from what we had learned in our previous classed. Although I knew how to cite and reference my sources, I was still making mistake in my paper.
This course and its instructor, Julia Unmans, wowed the proper way to cite and reference different courses. It helped me write reference without using any converters, which helped me develop my skills. When it comes to writing a paper, I always want other to read my paper to make sure if I did the paper write. In this class, I got to talk to my classmates about my topic and share their ideas to narrow down the topic. It also helped me develop research questions. A peer review helped me realize my mistakes and develop more ideas.

Those ideas not only helped write my paper In a different way, but it also showed me what else I need in my paper to make it a better essay. One of the things I really like about this class Is the feedback from the Instructor. Most Instructors will only show the mistakes in an assignment, but Julia showed me exactly what I did wrong and how I could fix It. Julia showed us the techniques that I wanted to learn before I move on to my next class. These skill and techniques are the one I took Into a count to use for my next classes.

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Com reflection paper
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