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  When discussing subcultures, you first look at what defines subculture. The subculture theory has been discussed from the early 1960’s to present day. Subculture can be described as the behaviorisms of a group that is different from majority of society. It is assumed that subcultures have a labelling of the lower class and are considered the deviants or hold lower status in the social grouping (Nwalozie, 2015). In the1990’s the term of subculture was expanded to groups of people whose behaviors, beliefs and values differ from the mainstream society (Nwalozie, 2015). 
            So what factors lead to delinquency in the middle class and its relationship to gangs? You must look at not just one class because all class can be affected by this. The first factor is society and environment. Where does this person live and what is the home life like?  Is this a two-parent home? Is there financial stability? Are the drug or alcohol abuse? Are the parents or older siblings in a gang? It is also the acceptance from society that has made subcultural behavior popular. We see this daily from the acceptance of hate groups that attack another because they state their justification is political to popularity of being a Crip or Blood. There are a million factors that could determine why this person has taken the path different from society’s norm. 
            In my opinion and that ecological studies found the most prevalent reasoning for deviant behavior was from being poor and lack of home discipline (Nwalozie, 2015). Another additional factor was the lack of a male figure i.e. a father was not present in the home (Fagan, 1995). I also believe that outside factors play a large role in subcultures. I believe that media either tv or social make it popular to be different for the youth today. Gangs have used todays technologies to increase their recruitment strategies by creating music that is desirable to the younger generations as well as styles and mannerisms. To a person seeking acceptance from anyone due to lack of from society or at home the acceptance and family style presence in gang lifestyle may play a key role in accepting this subcultural lifestyle. 
            To me the justification of delinquency and the acceptance of behavioral problem lays from the foundation of family. To accept deviant behavior means you were taught to act in these manners. It was either by watching this style of behavior from at home or with the people you associate with. Yes, I believe that financial hardships can cause a person to act out in a manner that is criminal to survive but to do so otherwise is a behavioral trait that was learned and not corrected. There may be a few incidents where these cannot be justified or fall within the perimeters and would be classified as acts of rebellion. 
Fagan, P. (1995). The Real Root Causes of Violent Crime: The Breakdown of Marriage, Family, and Community. The Cultural Policy Studies Project No#1026, The Heritage Foundation, Washington D.C. Retrieved from
Nwalozie, C. J. (2015). Rethinking subculture and subcultural theory in the study of youth crime – A theoretical discourse. Journal of Theoretical & Philosophical Criminology, 7(1), 1-16. Retrieved from

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