Child Hunger

Ending Child Hunger in America Studies prove that children that do not have enough food to eat do not do as well in school, they are likely to be sick more often, they are less likely to graduate high school – which in turn will keep them from going to college and in turn will have a negative Impact on their economic future. If these things happen then In the future that child will have a harder time providing for their children, thus causing a cycle In the effects of hunger.
For this reason, It Is our duty as a society to do everything we an to ensure that these children have the resources available to them so that they can have the tools they need to prepare themselves to be functioning members of society In adulthood. There are currently more than sixteen million children In America whose families struggle to put food on the table – that’s one In five children In America. That number is astonishing. Millions of children In America are on free or reduced lunch plans at their schools; this allows them to have nutritious meal while at school.
But what happens when they go home? What happens during the summer when kids are out of school for several months? Only one in seven children on free or reduced lunch plans receives summer meals. What happens to those other six children – who ensures that they have enough food to eat? The solution is simple – we need to end child hunger in America. There are many ways to do this. First, there are church programs locally that offer summer and weekend home meal plans to children that are on free and reduced lunch plans.

One such church is Midtown Church in Benton, Arkansas. They’re program, known as the “Backpack Ministry” helps to provide weekend meals and snacks to children throughout the community who otherwise would not have anything to eat. Secondly, these types of programs should be better advertised and more easily accessible to those who need them. Access to programs is of utmost importance when ending child hunger. Next, education is vital – the parent’s of these children must learn and understand the effects that hunger can have on their children.
They must be educated on good food hoicks for their children and what the best things they can give them are. They need to know where to go to get connected to the right people that can help them find access to these programs that are designed to end child hunger. Spreading awareness of child hunger can ago long way. If the public has knowledge of what the numbers look like in the world of child hunger, they would be more likely to take action. The public has a greater power than they realize – people have the power to promote change.

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Child Hunger
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