child advocacy/ social work major

Children and justice:
Module 3 Discussion on Rights: 3 to 4 full paragraph 
As a follow up to your review of the Constitution I have attached two documents. One discusses Due Process, the other discusses the Sixth Amendment.
Please read those documents and then respond to the discussion prompts below:
1 What procedures should exist in child protection cases to assure parents have due process?
2 Does the due process clause require that children have due process?
3 If so what procedures should there be in child protection cases in order for children’s due process rights to be satisfied.
4 If a child is the victim of criminal child abuse such as a sexual assault by a parent, guardian or live in relative, the criminal defendant has a 6th amendment right to be confronted by the witnesses against him. That defendant’s right includes the defendant being confronted by a child victim. Explain how you think  the defendant’s right to confrontation should be balanced against the interest of the child in such a case.
Please do whatever research you feel is necessary to present your opinion in a well informed and grammatically sound fashion. Keep in mind that you will be graded on timeliness, quality of writing, proper citation, accuracy and insight.

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child advocacy/ social work major
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