Chapter 13 Discussion Questions//Corrections

1. If you were a COI (the line level correctional officer supervising inmates in a barracks or living area) what three skills do you possess that would help you manage the inmate population on a daily basis?  Explain each skill on your list and tell me how it would help you manage the inmates you are responsible for supervising.  

2. In the past few months the Arkansas Department of Correction has had several major incidents.  One was an escape from a field crew at a medium security unit in lower south Arkansas – the inmate was caught on September 19th in another state.  The second incident happened at a maximum security unit where a small group of inmates held three officers hostage in a barracks for about 3 hours. An inmate escape or a hostage situation.  You are the Warden of ONE of those units – you choose.  How would you decide who on your staff should be held responsible for the incident you chose.  Be very specific about your decision making rationale – that is what I am grading.  Lay out a plan for the investigation of the incident you chose that both deals with reprimands and terminations for the incident, if they are warranted. Your plan should also address weaknesses in the system to help prevent incidents of this type from happening in the future.  I am NOT asking you for specifics about the incidents detailed above – I AM asking you as the manager of the Unit to lay out a plan of action to both deal with the incident and also prepare for the future.

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Chapter 13 Discussion Questions//Corrections
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Due by Friday, December 8, 2017 @6pm central standard time, United States. NOT PAYING FOR ANYTHING AFTER 6pm CT. The answer to these question must be at least 250 words each. Please cite any outside sources.


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