Causes of over Eating

Early Tuesday morning this young lady was walking home. The young lady all of a sudden she fell out on the ground. She was rushed to the hospital. The doctor told her that she was eating too much junk food and not enough health foods. The food she was eating wasn’t giving her enough energy. This is just to show how over eating unhealthy foods can affect you over all health. Over eating unhealthy foods cause serious health problems such as, heart problems, diabetes, and high blood pleasure.
First, over eating can be so dangerous towards a person’s health. Heart problems are the worst sickness a person can have; in fact it’s one of the leading causes of death due to unhealthy eating. Whereas to avoid having heart problems by eating health and exercising. Greasy food causes fluid to crowd around the heart other body organs. It’s important to take care of the body so that there wouldn’t be health problems like this. Because who wants to have heart problems they get old in age no one does. Heart conditions are major issues.
Second, diabetes comes from eating a lot of sugar, not burning calories, and fried foods. People with diabetes have to watch what they eat at all times. A person might look health on the outside but is unhealthy on the inside. Diabetes is a huge responsibility to withhold. A person with diabetes have to give there self a shot at least twice a day in the stomach, that’s very painful to go through. It’s obvious that people who find out that they have diabetes can’t leave a normal life anymore.

Third, high blood pressure is one of the major causes of over eating. People seem to eat their pain away and its causes them to have all kinds of health problems. Dealing with high blood pressure and eating unhealthy food can really make a person have a nervous breakdown. In addition, high blood pressure it causes stress makes a person want to just eat more and more. The stress of this over eating make a person blood pressure goes up so high that it causes them to be hospitalized. Over eating isn’t good for a person with high blood pressure. Most seem to beat themselves down or just eat their hearts out because of their health problems.
When people over eat the foods that they know is bad for them, in contrast its makes them have health issues. Heart problem are no good for those who have over eating addictions. Diabetes can get worse if a person continue to over eat unhealthy food. High blood pressure is very hard to deal with knowing that self is the cause of this bad health condition. Overall the cause of over eating has its down falls on a person’s way of living there life on a day to day bases.

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Causes of over Eating
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