Capstone in Communication

Design a communication training plan to improve your virtual organizations communication process during this critical event that you identified in your previous paper.

Assemble your training plan in the format of your choice a 1,400-1,750 paper.

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Capstone in Communication
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Identify a training goal and learning objectives.
-What are the essential communication skills your virtual organization must implement to overcome a critical event?
-What activities or methods will you incorporate into your training to reach your goal and objectives?

Incorporate the following training and development components:
-Analyze the organizations culture to determine the communication obstacles
-Identify the opportunities for improvement by performing a needs and tasks analysis
-Determine which research methods would best assess the organizations training needs and explain how to conduct this research.
-Rationalize the need and expense, or return on investment, for training in crisis.
-Delegate an internal or external training facilitator and justify your choice.
-Describe how you would assess the training effectiveness by measuring the trainees knowledge retention and application.
-Predict the short and long term outcome your training program would have on this virtual organization.

Include references from at least three academic sources. Consider referencing the University of Phoenix eBook collection.


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