Cannery Row Essay

Cannery Row Cannery Row, is not just a novel written by John Steinbeck, but it is also a very good example of huge variety of different people and human beings that are presented in most of the societies. This story tells us how people are trying to be happy and take the best out of each situation they are in, even in bad situations. The author gives us the view on the Cannery Row from different prospectives like peepholes so we can better understand the whole idea of the novel.
While looking from one peephole we can see that Mack and the boys are nice guys even if they steel things from other people. They are just enjoying their lives, they don’t have work because they don’t want, from one side it is very good because most people want to do what they want but not what they should. John Steinbeck is showing to us that if there is a desire people are able to do it. He shows us the Cannery Raw as a small kind of world with its own rules and values of each person living their.
Mack and the boys are steeling not because they can not find any jobs, but because they just don’t want. They don’t like when anyone is controlling them, they want to be free and do what they like, enjoy their lives. I think that they are doing the right thing, because we are given our lives for enjoing them but not for spending them on the things that you don’t like. Of course it is not always this way but people must have an aim and go for it. We can see it in the novel, most of the

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Cannery Row Essay
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