business law

“Most states provide that contracts entered into by intoxicated (because of drugs or alcohol) persons are voidable but only by the person who was intoxicated.  Many of these states say that it doesn’t matter whether the intoxication was self-induced (voluntary) or forced (involuntary). Other states only allow a person who was forced or unknowingly became intoxicated to disaffirm the contract.” (Cheeseman p. 210 – 211)  In a 250 word, original discussion board post, explain to the other students in the class whether or not you think voluntarily intoxicated persons should be allowed out of the contracts they enter.   Discuss the related aspects of capacity to contract and disaffirming a contract.  Should the same rules apply to both in-person and online contracts?  Be sure you consider both sides of the argument in your post before stating your opinion.
Write an original 250+ word post by Wednesday of the week the discussion is due.  In your post mention the article you have read at least twice and give your opinion on the issue in a clear and understandable manner. Always discuss any ethical issues that are involved. Cite any other sources you use when writing your post at the end of your submission.  After writing your own post, reply to the posts of two other students before the discussion board due date.  Replies should be at least 150 words long and ask questions or otherwise encourage discussion.  Replies that simply compliment or disagree with the post will not be accepted for credit.

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business law
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