Business law

1. What do you think of the concept of judicial review? Is it addressed in the constitution? Should it be permitted? Does it allow justice of the Supreme Court to exercise too much power and create law versus interpreting the laws?
2. What do you think about arbitration? Does it protect the interest of the litigants? What about the fact that the dominant party usually selects which person or entity that will be the arbitrator. Look at the King County rules and locate the rules for arbitration. Do you agree that the court should force parties to mandatory arbitration?
3. If the requirement for arbitration is mandatory because the parties have agreed to this process, what are the problems with this forced process? What if you will not be allowed to enter into the contract unless you agree; is this wrong as matter of public policy?
4. What are the rules for disputing and adverse ruling made in mandatory arbitration? Do you agree with the rule? How would change it and why. 

Can you answer those questions,please? Each question requires around 300 words.

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Business law
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