Business Intelligence Week 2

Discussion: Please refer to the attachment Discussion#2_Question.pdf file for the question. The discussion should be a minimum of 300 words and should meet all the requirements given by the professor.

Paper:  Please refer to the attachment paper#2_Question.pdf file for the question. The paper should be a minimum of 4 pages excluding references and should meet all the requirements given by the professor. Especially in the conclusion section, I got the below comments from the professor please try to follow the guidelines and make sure to rectify the comments below.
Comments:  Thank you for taking the time to complete your assignment and based on my review, you did a good job on this assignment.  For example, you used multiple sources of research to support your case analysis and your conclusions were also good; however, do not forget to visually represent your ideas through the use of created diagrams which may represent any process or operation to support a potential solution to the cases.  As a suggestion, use the “Smart Art” tools in Microsoft Word and if you have never used these tools, you can find demonstrations at using a keyword search “Microsoft Word Smart Art Tools.” 

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Business Intelligence Week 2
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