Business Growth2

I am doing a business growth for a small business in Australia called Renegade Roasters. it is a local coffee roasting company so I am going to help grow their small business which is currently based in Moorooka into an internationally profitable enterprise.  Renegade Roasters is a business focusing on sustainable and ethical business practices. 
I want from you in 500 words  to do ” Operational Environmental” part which includes: 1. Ecological environment 2. selective environment 3. Emergy
1. Ecological environment:  
Think about those factors that are so generallysuppurativeof Renegade Roasters, which are the ones do you think that will matter the most?
2. Selective environment
Which are those factors that are working directly againstthat nature of Renegade Roasters. 
· what is going the hardest obstacles for Renegade Roastersto overcome?
3. Emergy: 
·  What Emergy is possible for Renegade Roasters? 
·  What is that you cannot own the control, but you could use your advantages? 
  (APA Style )
In the instruction doc I putted down each part some sites which can use it as references.  for the selective environment part I did not find any art about competition between different coffee rosters shops and  our business so if you do not mind find an article about this one  if you can also find article about import and export and beauty laws 
 I. don’t want to have any text citation.
 2. I don’t want to have introduction of the part.
 4. I want to make each 3 elements in separate paragraphs.

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Business Growth2
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