business and society

In a departure from its normal business operations, Microsoft has recently teamed up with the Celera Genomics Group to investigate the possibility of cloning human organs as part of Microsoft’s plans to expand into outside domains. As Microsoft’s new Vice President of Public Relations, you have been tasked with creating a press release to make this decision public and get ahead of any negative press.
Compose a statement to the press to explain Microsoft’s decision.  Your statement should include:
    – who you are within Microsoft and your title
    – why Microsoft has decided to expand into this new technology
    – what benefits are anticipated to Microsoft’s stakeholders
    – comments encouraging Microsoft’s stakeholders to view this support video from the Celera Genomics Group (insert the video link)
A press release statement is typically 150 – 250 words in length. 
Also, in your response post to one (1) classmate, please provide one comment to what you liked about their press release and one comment to how they could improve their press release.
(Support video from Celera Genomics Group.)

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business and society
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