Building Blocks

Xerox’s mission, core values and key strategies are similar first because they all focus on creating a successful business environment for their customers. The mission is sought out and adhered to by implementing the core values. The mission statement is a short term goal of the company that leads to long term success, while the core values or less than a vision but more so important objectives which gives a foundation of the direction the business is going in.

Its key strategies are geared towards short and long term goals of leading through innovation, offering the best service and allowing their customers to maintain their own infrastructure due to their dependence on Xerox adhering to their commitment. The statements portray the organization’s identity exceptionally in that short-term, future and current goals are defined. These are the types of statements which allow organizations and shareholders a sense of security when considering a partnership. References About Xerox. (2010). Xerox at a Glance. Retrieved from http://www. xerox. com/about-xerox/company-facts/enus. html

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Building Blocks
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