Book Burning

Book Burning Book burning refers to the destruction of books and other written materials and it was usually done out in public. On May 10 the Nazi German students association gathered, books on the 300th anniversary of lathers 95 to hold a festival where they would burned books that the students found “Un-German, to cleanse by fire. They called it the action against the Un-German spirit. ” Local chapters had to offer blacklists of “Un-German authors. They would burn about 25,000 books while throwing the books into the fire, there would be bands playing.
In most university towns they would march in torchlight parades against the un-German spirit. Their book burning was a success in 34 universities across Germany it was all over the newspapers and was on radio broadcasts. Not all book burnings were held on May 10 as was planned because of the rain they had to postpone it. It was April, people hundreds of people would slowly walk around a book fair in germany. Nearly 70 years ago over a board plaza a huge bonfire was set in the middle of the square where they had destroyed 20,000 books that the Nazi had prohibited anyone to read.
Hitler wanted to control the minds of the Germans that’s why he prohibited those types of books On May 10, 1933, one of the Nazi party members chief Joseph Goebbels marched down Unter den Linden in a torchlight parade. They came together and piled up books that they had collected from different places and the Nazis used their torches for a bright flaming fire. When people visit Bebelplatz they can see through a plastic window in the ground that view empty bookshelves of the 20,000 books burned on May 10, 1993. Germans will never forget the horrible fire on that day.

On May 10, 1933 a crowd of 40,000 people gathered for the book burning while there was singing and bands playing. They watched soldiers, police, people from the German student association and the Hitler youth burn books that were “Un-German. ” The books that were burnt in Berlin and more than 30 other university towns on that night had books by more than 75 German foreign authors. Some of them were Walter Benjamin, Albert Einstein, and Friedrich Engels etc. The burning of those books was to purify to a true German spirit. From that day people lit bonfires to end on phase in their lives or to elebrate burning unpopular textbooks by the of a course. They would also celebrate by burning their old papers. It is official that book burning has gained its extremely bad reputation Book burning was planned by students not the government. The Nazi vicious anti-Semitism and the book burnings made some people worry that Jews would be burnt next. The book burnings on May 10 became a powerful symbol of German barbarism. Books by Jews that expressed anything accursed or consigned to damnation or destruction to the Nazis reflected the Jewish spirit they should get rid of from bookstores and libraries. They also forbid some books from schools.
Agencies made lists of all the books that had been forbidden but no government approved of the blacklist. There were about 6,843 forbidden books. The book burning was a public thing done by one Nazi student organization. The sixty fifth anniversary of the book burning in Berlin many authors not only Jews books were burnt in public. The student organization had planned it but they had the approval of the Nazi authorities. In other German universities book burning also took place some teachers from the universities took part in the book burning. Erich Kastner who witnessed the Berlin event had his own work being burnt as well.

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