Biomaterials and stem cell tissue repair

The purpose of the technical paper is to become more familiar with material properties in a specific application. The technical paper also demonstrates your ability to find useful information doing literature research and to construct a report that is coherent and integrated. The technical paper will build upon course material; its technical difficulty and content should be comparable to Callister/Rethwisch textbook.

Basic format and section headings
Abstract 1- short paragraph
Introduction (information about the subject matter)
Material properties
(You can make comparisons with other materials; explain why these properties are significant?)
Processing Techniques
Summary (short paragraph)
Single spaced with 1-inch margins.
10-12 inch font.
6 pages; content is important.
Include figures and tables. All figures and tables MUST have appropriate captions.
All references must be appropriately cited throughout the text and listed using reference numbers cited at end of paper in references.

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Biomaterials and stem cell tissue repair
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