Beowulf and The Modern Day Hero Essay

A hero does something for the greater good of world. A hero is brave and weather in any state of affairs. Beowulf and Irena Sendler a societal worker who smuggled over 2. 500 Judaic out of injuries manner put their lives on the line to protect their world. While each warriors have their differences both believe in bravery and triumphing over evil. In his concluding conflict Beowulf goes up against a firedrake that take a whole ground forces to get the better of. Caught up in his brave high Beowulf does non recognize the effort that lies in front of him. Beowulf describes. “scant respect for the firedrake as a menace. no apprehension at all of its bravery or strength. for he kept traveling frequently in the past” ( 2348-2351 ) . Beowulf is caught up in his past glorifications blinding him from the realization of how unsafe the firedrake is. Bing brave agencies one knows their bounds. Irena Sendler knew that she could non move entirely in delivering over 2. 500 guiltless kids. Ambulance drivers would transport kids under the floor boards while constabulary officers would be bribed to let traffic through an belowground corridor.
Unlike Beowulf Irena knew that she needed aid to mouse past the elephantine Nazi government to deliver 1000s of Judaic kids. is non caught up in being labeled as a hero for put on the lining her life to salvage over 2. 500 guiltless kids. Beowulf provinces. “I have wrestled the hilt from the enemies’ manus. avenged the evil done to the Danes ; it is what was due” ( 1668-1670 ) Beowulf battles for justness and to revenge those who have done incorrect. By contending for your beliefs Beowulf shows that you can non terrorise without reverberations. In 1943 the Nazi party commenced a settlement of the Warsaw ghetto. Irena believes. “Every kid saved with my aid and the aid of all the fantastic secret couriers. who today are no longer populating. is the justification of my being on this Earth. and non a rubric to glorification. ”
Irena did non desire the rubric of glorification she merely fought for her beliefs in a non-violent mode. Unlike Beowulf she did non necessitate to travel out and revenge the Nazis for their despicable Acts of the Apostless towards humanity. A hero is brave and will set their lives on the line to protect world. Beowulf and a Irena are brave no affair how dashing each of their undertakings were. A hero stands up for the greater good of people when he witnesses mankind being threatened. While a hero comes in all different ways both possess the same qualities.

MLA Format
HEVESI. DENNIS. “Irena Sendler. Lifeline to Young Jews. Is Dead at 98. ” Nytimes. com. Nytimes. com. 13 May 2008. Web.

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Beowulf and The Modern Day Hero Essay
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