Beauty Industry

Beauty industry in currently developing at a fast pace, to meet the demand. Nowadays, people pay more attention to their appearance, hence they use a lot of cosmetics. However, beauty products must undergone a plethora of tests before they are launched onto the market. That issue raises a question: should animals be subject to the tests?
The answer still remains ambiguous, yet this topic is frequently discussed in media. In fact, the society is split over the issue and it is almost impossible to reach a consensus. Nevertheless, I believe that beauty products shouldn’t be tested on animals. First and foremost, testing on animals is clearly cruel and unethical. Animals feel pain in the same degree as humans do.
It is proved, that our physiological systems are in similar to a large extent. Moreover, it is unconceivable how many species die during these acts of cruelty. Even applying a non-invasive beauty products on an animal’s skin can have tragic effects, not to mention harmful ingrediencies that can lead to fur’s and skin’s destruction or even skin cancer and consequently death. It is impossible to estimate the number of species that have already died during the tests.

People should really ponder, whether testing a lipsticks or a foundation is worth killing innocent rats or guinea pigs. Second, why should researchers be permitted to harm those innocent species in such a harsh way?
They are often part of our families, loyal companions; therefore, we should demure this actions. People shall not have power to injure any species and determine their lives. What is more, animals also exhibit fear, just like humans. They feel a need to be free and live their lives. In laboratories they are locked up in cages and people decide over their life and death.
Moreover, animals are treated there in an atrocious way. For scientists, they are just a subject to a research not a living organism. They don’t bother their well being at all, yet animals are closed and kept in unholy conditions. Finally, humans and animals are entirely different species when it comes to anatomy; hence they can react on the same substance in a different way.
Therefore, the outcome of the tests isn’t entirely reliable, as a lot of people believe. Therefore, we cannot pronounce the beauty product to be effective and harmless after checking its influence only on animals’ skin. It is possible that the product, which has undergone a test on an animal and was certified to be innoxious, can have a negative impact on humans.
Therefore nor animals nor humans benefit from this brutal tests. Moreover, beauty products are intended for human spices and their certain needs. When it comes to animals, it is paradoxical to test lipsticks or eyeshadows on them, yet it is know that their anatomy vary greatly from ours. Their body parts differ from the ones that humans have and their epidermis is largely covered in hair.
Undoubtedly, comparing the influence of certain cosmetics on dissimilar organisms defeats the purpose.

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Beauty Industry
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