Barber Essay

Essay Topic: “Barbering: Past, Present, and Your Future”

Essay Description: 7 pages typed, Double-spaced, and no larger than 12 font.

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Barber Essay
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Instructions: Describe in detail the history and migration of barbering throughout the ancient world up to this present day as a new barber in the American barbering industry. Analyze the importance of sanitation, and the many harmful causes and effects of not taking proper sanitary measures. Discuss the structures of hair and skin, as well as the anatomy of the head, face, and neck to amplify the importance of creating the proper look for a client. Explain how the addition of multiple services can enhance the client experience. Highlight facials and scalp treatments, including electrotherapy and light therapy. Analyze color and chemical services and their effects on hair, both desired and undesired. Discuss how to address the undesirable results. Describe how both color and chemical services can be beneficial to the barber. Finally, discuss in detail how you will utilize all of your barbering education to create a successful career for yourself moving forward. Include both short and long term goals, as well as your plan to execute them. Explain in depth from your anticipated apprentice exam experience through becoming registered and building a bustling clientele. Be descriptive and precise in your analysis. Annotate your references appropriately. Good luck!


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