Banduras Theory

Albert Bandura became a significant icon in the field of experimentation on the aspect of behavioral patterns associated with aggression. In this perspective, Bandura created certain procedures to view how the behavioral pattern of aggression is related and developed in each individual through being exposed in the sociological aspect. In this experiment, Bandura employed the use of a Bobo doll as part of his techniques of displaying aggression on his chosen subject, which is a group of prepubescent child.

His experimentation subject was particularly chosen as they have less social conditioning due to their young age and minimally developed behavioral patterns thus, achieving better observation results. From this experiment, Bandura has found that aggression is indeed communicated through exposure and imitation making the influenced subjects display the same aggressive behavioral pattern as they witnessed in the experiment.

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Banduras Theory
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Relating to the same approach while developing a new experimentation method, the author of this paper wishes to create an experiment displaying the influence of aggression in the behavioral pattern of the exposed individuals. In this experiment, children will likewise be used as subjects in the experiment, which will be classified under three groups namely the aggressive, non-aggressive, and the neutral. The first two groups will be further classified into two based on gender to determine if the gender factor will influence the transition in the experimentation.
Each child will be separated individually in an isolated individual in which, they will watch a particular video of a either a man or woman based on the gender of the subject that fixes a particular problem with different approach. The aggressive batch will be shown a video of an aggressive approach of fixing the problem in the medium while the second will witnessed a non-aggressive approach. The video indeed in this experiment will be served as the model thus, also proving if aggressive behaviors depicted in modern communication can likewise influence the minds of the public.
After the period of viewing, the subjects will be transferred into another room separated individually wherein they will perform the same task displayed in the video to observe whether the children will perform similarly to the approach displayed by their models. In this experiment, the significant influence of aggressive behaviors on the behavioral pattern of the child will be measured in their personal approach of performing the same tasks.
In this experiment, it should be noted that one particular objective is inducing non-aggressive behaviors in the children. Expected prior to this experiment is that having model performing non-aggressive approach towards a certain tasks will significant influence the behavioral pattern of the children exposed to the said action. As such, this approach will be taken and implemented as a practical medium in a children institution to induce non-aggressive behavior.
Showing simple video or film characterized by non-aggressive approach can indeed be used as a practical medium of encouraging and inducing non-aggressive behaviors in the children in their personal tasks and social activities. Bibliography Bandura, Albert & Walters, Richard H. (1959). Adolescent Aggression: A Study of the Influence of Child-Training Practices and Family Interrelationships. Ronald Publication, New York. ISBN-10: 0826006876.


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