AXE Commercial essay

AXE Commercial
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AXE is leading brand of Unilever. The positioning and commercials of this product is very interesting. This product is targeted for young males. The commercials of this product have a similar theme that AXE body spray attracts women. The commercials are usually seductive and displays women in bare minimum clothes. The commercial to be studied has similar kind of presentation. The advertisement starts with a women running in wild in bare minimum clothes in a specific direction towards sea. Soon there are many other models in similar clothing running. All these women are attractive with perfect figure. A man standing at beach is spraying AXE body spray and message appears on the screen ‘spray more, get more’.

In the man made artefacts are known as cultural artefacts. Commercials are short movies, which involve creativity and efforts. This particular commercial creates interest when it starts. Viewer gets curious to see woman running wildly in the wild and soon joined by many others, which looks like thousands and millions. But the running part is lengthier than it should be.  In the entire artefact the focus has been towards the sex appeal of the models and the effect of body spray to attract girls. The aspect of advertisement which troubles is the presentation is the excessiveness of the effect of spray. The thousands and millions of women are following the fragrance of the spray. The presentation is creating interest but it is too extreme in terms of the message it needs to communicate. AXE has been positioned in such a way that the impact of fragrance on the attractive females can be visible in each of its advertisement but this particular advertisement is extreme case of the same.
All the women were dressed similarly and had perfect figure as if the spray affects only that particular category. The viewer is forced to think what will happen to the man of the advertisement at the end of the advertisement. This particular fact is enough to keep the product in top of the mind of the consumer which good for the point of purchase decision. But the extreme advertisement may also result in repulsiveness in a particular group of consumer.
This advertisement does not fulfil the basic criteria of cultural artefact, as it is wrong presentation of the culture of its creator and users. The advertisement parents the extreme imaginary situation of male while it will not be close to reality in any case.
The extreme behaviour in artic rafts and artistic presentations are not new thing. Artists like Orlan (Canal Art Movement) who has used her body for her art performance.
Commercials not only impact the present society but also it represents future. In such case more than over presentation of particular aspects of the society to sell product impacts present and future of the society. Earlier the use of body spray has been positioned as refreshing and a solution to fight with the bad smell of body and sweating. AXE has placed itself in totally different way. Its commercials no doubt are interesting and catchy but overrepresentation of product is not good for society as a whole.

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AXE Commercial essay
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