Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

As Chapter 9 of your text states “the number of students identified with ASD has increased over the last decades.  Some people even call ASK an “epidemic” (Powell & Driver, 2013, Chapter 9 Introduction).  This increase specifically affects you in the classroom or daycare center because it show a high likelihood of your encountering children with ASK.  Therefore you must understand the disorder as well as the strategies that will support children with ASK in the classroom or center.  For this discussion, imagine you are a new teacher just learning about ASK.
A.  After viewing the Autism Awareness Video:  Diagnostic Criteria for Autism and reflecting o the reading fro Chapter 9 of your text, briefly describe what ASK is according to IDEA.  Even though “no two students with ASK exhibit the exact same characteristics” (Powell & Driver, 2013, Section 9.3), list a few of the difficulties children with ASD might have with communication, social skills, and repetitive or obsessive behaviors.  Lastly, explore several of the academic characteristics that some children with ASK might exhibit.  Support this portion of your discussion by utilizing information from at least one scholarly resource, as well as your text.
B.  As your text states, “Many of teaching suggestions presented in previous chapters may benefit students with ASD’ (Powell & Driver, 2013, Section 9.6).  The more we understand these connections, the more prepared we will be in terms of planning our instruction.  Complete the Autism Disorder ASD table. comparing which instructional strategies might work with children with ASK as well as children with other disabilities.  Be sure to complete each of the bulleted points as they required, but you may add more detail outside of these bullets if you wish.  Include your ASD table as an attachment.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
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