Provide your response to the Essay Quiz questions in Chapter 21

1.   You are the project manager for a new web-based online shopping system. Due to market competition, your management has directed you to go live with your systems one week earlier than originally scheduled. One member of your development team is a sharp, smart programmer with less than one year of experience. He asks you why your team is required to follow what he calls cumbersome, out-of-date change management procedures. What would you tell him?
2.   Explain why the change management principles discussed in this chapter should be used when managing operating system patches.
3.   Explain why a database administrator (DBA) should not be allowed to develop programs on the systems they administer.
4.   Your company has just decided to follow the Capability Maturity Model Integration. You manage a development shop of 15 programmers with four team leaders. You and your team have determined that you are currently at CMMI-DEV level 1, Initial. Describe the actions you might take to move your shop to level 3, the Defined maturity level.
5.   You have just been made Director of E-commerce Applications, responsible for over 30 programmers and ten major software projects. Your projects include multiple web pages on ten different production servers, system security for those servers, three development servers, three test/QA servers, and some third-party software. Which of those resources would you place under change management practices and why?

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Please note that the requirement here is to write a 1 -2 (500 – 750 words) page paper. Be sure to include at least two reference sources. APA rules for formatting, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and listing of sources are to be followed. 


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