Assignment: Network Security Controls

Assignment Requirements
Ken  7 Windows Limited has added several new servers and workstations to the  Ken 7 domain to support the new enterprise resource planning (ERP)  software. They have also added many internal users and plan to allow  access from remote users to their internal network resources. Ken 7  Windows Limited needs additional network controls to protect their  growing network. 
Consider  the Windows servers and workstations in the domains of a typical IT  infrastructure. Based on your understanding of network security  controls, recommend possible new controls that will enhance the  network’s security. Focus on ensuring that controls satisfy the defense  in depth approach to security. 
Summarize  your network security controls in a Word document and submit it to your  instructor. You must provide rationale for your choices by explaining  how each control makes the environment more secure.
Submission Requirements

Format: Microsoft Word 
Font: Times New Roman, 12-Point, Double-Space 
Citation Style: APA style with 3 references

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Assignment: Network Security Controls
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