Assignment Critical Essay

Cities according to population and visualize their populations according to location on a map in Excel. Please explain: a. Your data source b. Your visualization method/procedure (Hint: In addition to population data, you need to get city location data. You can use bubble chart, in which x and y axis represent the longitude and latitude, and bubble size represents population. You can also put a US map as the background of the figure. ) 2.
You work for an education company, who has all the student enrollment data of China. The data set contains the following information of all students enrolled to universities in the recent 10 years. Please design a market report to help people understand the data and lead to some business insights. Your targeted audiences can be school managers, teachers, students or other parties that are related to the education industry. (Since you do not have the real data, please use your best rationale and business knowledge to make the design.
You can describe the designed analysis in bullet points. You can also sketch some charts that are not easy to verbally describe. You are welcome to discuss the problem on CANVAS. Your contributed online comments will be considered in grading, if relevant and valuable. ) Variable School Location School Name School Type School Funding Type Total Area Building Area Address Zip code School Website School Email School Telephone President name Student ID Student Name Student Phone National ID Gender Birthday Ethic Group

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Assignment Critical Essay
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