Please recall the NY Times video that we watched in class entitled “How Facebook is Changing Your Internet”.  To refresh your memory it may be found here: ( .)

After viewing, please respond to the following question: 
How do you think that Facebook should balance its responsibilities to its shareholders – to maximize profits – with its responsibilities to its other stakeholders (e.g., its users, and the citizens of the countries in which it operates)?  For instance, Facebook makes more money when controversial content is posted, but what if that content is “fake news”?  Does Facebook have any responsibility for ensuring that user postings are accurate, truthful, and not misleading?  Or is it “reader beware” – up to the reader to verify that the information that they are receiving is accurate and true?
Create a new thread and write at least 100 words on this topic by 5:50 PM (the end of our normal class period).  Once you’ve put up your original posting, please comment briefly on the postings of at least two of your classmates by midnight. 
These postings will be considered class attendance for this class meeting.  That is, if you don’t post, you will be marked as “absent” for this class.

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