In this scenario you have been hired by the President of the United States of America to provide health policy recommendations. Currently there is a great debate about if we should outlaw super sized soft drinks or legalize marijuana. You need to research both options, decide which one you recommend and create a PowerPoint presentation presenting and justifying your recommendation.

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The presentation should be visually appealing, geared toward a non-health professional audience and should include the following sections:

A cover slide with your name and presentation title (1 slide)
An overview of both issues from a health perspective including scientifically proven health pros and cons (3–6 slides)
Specific health information for each issue as it relates to obesity rates (2 slides, one for each topic)
An overview of both issues from an economic perspective (4–6 slides)
An overview of both issues from an ethical perspective (4–6 slides)
An overview of both issues from a political perspective (4–6 slides)
Your recommendation regarding which one to pursue for policy implementation and an explanation why (2–4 slides)
Reference list
Each slide should have a clear title indicating the focus of the slide.


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