Please answer the 4 questions:

1. Please write 7 or more sentences based on the perspective you think you would have as the given character below:
You are a second generation Japanese American of your own age and gender. Describe your experiences in the internment camp that you have been placed in two weeks ago.
2. You are a Mexican American living in East L.A., and you have just witnessed the Zoot Suit Riots. Describe your thoughts and experiences. The U.S. is already at war with the Axis Powers. How do you feel about the premise that they are fighting against violent fascism now that you have just been attacked. Explain. 7 sentences minimum.
3. Why does Howard Zinn title his chapter “A People’s War”? What is his argument concerning this? That is, does he believe it was a war of justice for all people? Explain. 7 sentences minimum.
4. Who was the US’s primary initial target in WWII- Germany or Japan? Explain your answer by providing detail from the required reading. 8 sentences minimum.

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