Assignment #2 – Training and Development

Assignment Commentary:
The assignment assess the module three learning objective: identify the ADDIE steps and describe the process to identify needs, design, implement, and evaluate a training program; explain why evaluating training outcomes is an important part of the strategic training process; and demonstrate skill in identifying and using credible and reliable sources of information related to employee training.
Essay Assignment Instructions:

this assignment is worth 80 points
this assignment closes to late responses after 3 days (10% penalty per day)
provide a well thought out response of 400-500 words drawing on information from the required textbook and one additional internet source
paraphrase only, no direct quotes
provide an organized logical progression of thought
use correct grammar, punctuation, sentence structure
this has a file upload submission with VeriCite enabled for plagiarism detection
provide correct citations and references for the sources

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Assignment #2 – Training and Development
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Assignment Response: Provide a response to the following essay.
Describe each component of the ADDIE process model. Then, describe how an organization determines if its training expenditures are cost effective and how this fits into the ADDIE process model. Be sure to indicate how training is related to both the operational role and strategic role of human resource management.


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