Assignment: Farmers’ Market

You are the new manager for a group of organic farmers who have a weekly market in season. The farmers’ market would like to purchase a digital camera options to present to the board of directors. First, you research the cost and quality differences between point-and-shoot cameras and SLR cameras. Use the web to find a recent model of both camera types and compare the reviews, as well as the costs, for each. Make a list of additional features, such as video capabilities, editing capabilities, lens, megapixels, GPS, flash, and zoom. Determine how each camera stores the images, the amount of storage available, and how to transfer images to a computer. Explore whether software is included with the camera that can be used to edit, store, or organize the images after they are transferred to a computer. Compare your findings with the camera capabilities of a recent model smartphone. Determine what type of camera would be best for the market’s needs and the capabilities that are most important. Compile your findings.

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Paper Requirements: 

APA format, 2-3 pages in length (excluding cover page, abstract, and reference list)
Minimum of 2-3 peer reviewed resources


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