As T-Hub Completes One Year, Here’s a Quick Recap of Some Landmark Moments at the Tech Hub

One of Asia’s largest accelerator based out of India’s newest state Telangana completes a year today. Entrepreneur India recalls some of the landmark moments of this accelerator over the last 365 days.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella visited the accelerator last year and announced that he would work T-Hub to develop accelerators and startups. Nadella, who hails from the city, also offered assistance in training and technology guidance to government employees to enable better functioning of citizen-oriented services.

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As T-Hub Completes One Year, Here’s a Quick Recap of Some Landmark Moments at the Tech Hub
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Nasscom partnered with T-Hub earlier this year to launch a warehouse wherein it could provide a co-working space to nurture young, entrepreneurial talent.
The Telangana accelerator partnered with Israeli University, Tel Aviv’s entrepreneurship centre StarTAU in June. Israel is one country that has pioneered the startup strategy wherein entrepreneurs think global from the word go!
T-Hub launched the ‘AgriTech Accelerator Program’ in partnership with ICRISAT (International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid-Tropics), powered by RViP (Riverbridge Ventures Innovations Platform) earlier this . The three month program is aimed at helping agritech startups to scale and hone their entrepreneurial skills.
The technology centre inked a deal with ride-sharing app and as a part of this MoU, T-Hub will be leveraging its expertise in shortlisting twenty start-ups through both Uber and T-Hub’s existing network.
The icing on the cake was when Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook launched the company’s development centre in Telangana, a few kilometres away from T Hub.

With all these achievements till date, it will be interesting to note what this campus has in store for the next year under the valiant guidance of the state’s IT Minister


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