Article – Loricia Skin Care’s Home Spa Line

Enjoy the benefits of a private and luxurious spa treatment in which all resources exist solely for you and all attention is focused directly on your needs. This is the treatment you receive with Loricia Skin Care’s Home Spa Line, specially designed to cater to the African American woman’s skin. In fact, this product is designed to fit the varied skin types that exist, and choosing Loricia’s home spa products means choosing the service that is tailored to suit the needs of your particular skin type. We have a combination for every skin type. Choose from Mature Skin Care, Oily Combination Skin Care, Normal Combination Skin Care and Dry Skin Care products that are designed to improve all skin conditions and bring out the best in your skin.
The Mature Skin Care formula will pamper your skin, cleansing it from all impurities and restoring it to its natural beauty. Your inner glow will shine through with the use of Ginseng Toner and Marine Moisturizer to bring out the health and beauty of your skin. The Combination Skin Care treatment uses gentle exfoliating cleansers, Ginseng Toners, and Sage & Citrus moisturizers to remove oil, blemishes and fortify your skin against harmful grease and grime. Normal Combination Skin Care uses a unique blend of Borage Leaf and other minerals to give your skin that extra healthy glow. It also uses Restorative Marine Moisturizer to restore your skin to the glorious splendor of youth. For Dry Skin Care, trust our revitalizing Chamomile Cleansing Lotion together with Ginseng Toner and Marine Moisturizer to remove dry, flaky skin and protect your face from wind and cold elements that dry it out.
Be pampered, indulged and spoiled by our unique Home Spa products that treat you as special, as though you were the only woman in the world. Made especially for the African American skin, you will be enveloped in a warm, fresh and aromatic cocoon of lavish gratification that shows in the elegance and beauty of the skin you present to the world every day.


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Article – Loricia Skin Care’s Home Spa Line
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