Article Critique

Write a 3 to 4 page (double-spaced), APA formatted (include cover and reference pages) article critique on the attached articles that addresses the following topics: 

I. Research Question  What was the research question(s) or hypothesis (es) and why was the study  needed? Assess how well the authors review previous research on the topic and  provide a context for the need for the study. 

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Article Critique
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II. Research Design What were the research design and methods? Assess the extent to which the research design and methods were able to answer the research question or hypothesis. Consider any alternative designs and methods that could also be used to answer the research question or hypothesis. What statistical analysis was used and how were they used to describe the results. 

III. Participants Who is the study about? Consider the following questions: how were the participants recruited, who may have been excluded from the study and how might that affect the findings? Were the participants studied in real-life circumstances

IV. Findings Do you agree with the author’s interpretation of the findings? Why or why not? Consider the following questions: are there other interpretations that should have been included? Were the limitations of the study adequately discussed?

 V. Contribution to Knowledge Was the study original and how does it contribute to knowledge on this topic? Consider the following questions: does the study approach the topic in a new or innovative way? Is the study larger, or continued for a longer period of time than other studies? Are the methods more rigorous or address shortcomings of other studies? 


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