art history

Based on Ch. 3 of Raizman
1. What kinds of manufactured goods was the American System of Manufacture particularly suited for?  Specifically to which types of goods was it applied in the nineteenth century and why or how? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the early period of the American System of Manufacture. Give 3 examples of its use or impact. 


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art history
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2. Search the Internet for information about the mechanical workings of the Jacquard loom patented in 1801. Why is the Jacquard loom called the first computer? How did it improve the art of weaving? Name two other inventions of the late 18th, early 19th century, in addition to the Jacquard loom which improved the art of weaving. Briefly describe. 


3. What new materials were introduced to the manufacturing of furnishings? What manufacturing advantages did these materials present? 


4. What does the name Biedermeier mean and where was it produced? What was innovative about Biedermeier furnishings?


5. Define the terms “fat face,” “Egyptian face,” “slab serif,” and “sans serif.” A historian of nineteenth-century typography has written that many decorative typefaces were intended not just to grab attention, but also to inject personality into print. What kind of personality does the “fat face” have? The “slab serif?” The “sans serif?”


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