Application of Leadership Skills

Application of Leadership Concepts When faced with challenge of conflicting timing, my team tried to use the negotiation process to negotiate with our client. We offered incentives like planning activities to entertainment them between their clients dismissal time and the time the youths could come and we focus on meeting their needs which was the lack of transport, by offering to finding alternative transport. My team and I displayed two out of five personalities in the big 5 model during our crisis.
They were currency and openness to experience. After our client pulled out, we had high-energy level and determination in finding another organization to work with us. For example, we sourced and called many other organizations. In addition, we were also flexible and intelligent in tweaking our original project and coming up with alternative ideas to solve the problems we were facing. For example changing a day event to a night event because the youths were only able to execute the project in the evening.
When coming up with alternative solutions and back-up plans, my team adopted the assuage-receiving process in which we listened to everybody suggestions, analyses them critically and shared honest feedback on the feasibility of each other’s ideas. This proved that the team did not group think. Throughout the process, we bared in mind the need to be open to feedbacks and criticisms, which allowed us to be more effective. Although there were functional conflicts during the process, the leader and the rest of the members would act as the mediator where collaboration instead of avoiding, competition and accommodating is encouraged.

We are a self-managed team. This is evident when we share and rotate leadership responsibilities in the different areas. For example, some people was in charged of communications with external organization, while others where in charged of administrative matter. My team was generally effective as a group in solving the problem that we faced. There was no social loafing as everyone stepped up and undertook responsibilities when needed to.
Members took the initiative to take lead in different areas, which meant that there has to be strong team cohesion and high task interdependence, because each member was responsible of each area they handled and has to be relied upon by other members for overall input. The team also displayed positive interpersonal relationship through support, collaboration, trust, open and honest communication between team members during critics, feedbacks and difficult times. There was an overall Job satisfaction and members enjoyed being on the team. This is shown by the enthusiasm of team members when coming up with solutions when

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Application of Leadership Skills
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