Answer the following 7 questions with a minimum 100 words each response


Jeff      Bezos, the founder of said, “A brand for a company is like a      reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things      well.”  Think about the brands that you admire. How do they align      with what Jeff Bezos says about brands? Is it necessary to focus on hard      things or can a positive brand reputation emerge from just doing things      well in general?
Scientists      have proven that every decision contains some emotional component even if      we do not recognize it. This is because people are not able to make even      the simplest choices if the part of the brain that controls emotions has      been damaged. Knowing this, what could be some of the implications for      marketers when they develop marketing communications to influence buyer      behavior?
Think      about your own media habits. How have your habits changed in the last few      years when you are looking for news and entertainment? Why is that?
Researchers      argue that social media gives a misleading view of how much people like      products and services because people tend to follow what a group does      because they do not want to be isolated. How valid do you think this      concern is and what does this mean for marketers?
Select      a recent ad from any medium that you think is an especially effective      piece of marketing communication. Include a link to where others can view      the ad. What is it about the ad you have selected that makes you believe      it is effective? What makes it work for you?
What      are some strategies that an American company could use to minimize      negative reactions to their products in other countries where there are      some anti-American feelings?
Because      there is no absolute guarantee that an IMC program will work even when all      parts are tested ahead of time, how much effort should be devoted to      evaluating the program before      it is launched?

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Answer the following 7 questions with a minimum 100 words each response
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