ANSWER ALL 3 questions in APA Format Human resources class

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ANSWER ALL 3 questions in APA Format Human resources class
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 A growing area of concern (and litigation) for employers is generally known as invasion of privacy rights of employees. Chapter 4 in our text discusses the more common ways an employer today runs the risk of violating employee privacy rights. Use the web to research one of those mentioned and share a case or article you found. Briefly summarize the specifics of what the employer did (or what typically happens), the issue(s) involved, damages claimed/awarded (or potential liability), and ways an employer can avoid these problems?

 Immigration reform is just one of many contentious issues that Congress has been unable or unwilling to resolve. Research the web to find out details of the immigration proposals that have been floated in the past 6 – 12 months. Briefly summarize two or more of these proposals.  Discuss fully how you think any of them, if implemented, would impact a) the industry you work in and  b)the country as a whole. Would you favor any of these proposals…why or why not? 

  Listen to a short NPR audio recording (and/or review the ) on technology’s impact on workplace productivity by clicking on the link above. Then, discuss your thoughts and opinions on the record’s message. Is the increase on businesses reliance on technology a positive or negative given decreasing workplace productivity? Given technological advances, how might a human resource professional help to improve employee productivity in the workplace? 


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